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Time on Task (Research Estimate in Minutes) Time on Task (Instructor Adjusted in Minutes) Number of Occurrences Total (Minutes)
Reading assignments Textbook Online or traditional textbook; technical text or descriptive text included. Per page.
Reading assignments Online Text with interactive elements Webpage, Multimedia, Tutorials. Per screen.
Reading assignments Online Text no interactive elements PowerPoint; Course announcements; Journal Entries; Case Studies. Per screen.
Writing assignment Term/Research paper Includes the entire process, brainstorm, research, writing, edits, revision. Per Instance.
Writing assignment short essay, short answer, reflection. Includes reading, responding to prompts in a clear and thoughtful manner. Per Instance.
Discussion Board, Blogs, Journals, Wikis, Chats, Remote Conferencing, Online Office Hours Instructor-facilitated, student-student interaction usually includes initial posting and reading or responding to classmates or instructor. Per Instance
Portfolios Compilation of student work. Per Instance.
Online Quiz, preparation. Instructor assessed or student self assessed. Per Instance.
Online Quiz, taking it. Instructor assessed or student self assessed. Per Instance .
Exams, prep/study Typically mid-term and final exam. Per Instance.
Exams, taking it Typically mid-term and final exam. Per Instance.
Group Project, longer term, Includes student collaboration (online or face to face), research, analysis and prep. Per week.
Case Studies, Virtual Labs Includes reading research, and writing. Per Instance.
Supplemental Course Material Viewing/interacting with Pod Casts and other Mobile Learning activities,videos, audio clips, virtual field trips. Per Week.
Service Learning and Long Term Projects Includes integrated community service and academic study; sharing experience with classmates. Per Week.
Practice Problems Math, Computer Science,Case Studies, Surveys. Per Item.
Startup Preparations Orientation to course, software updates and downloads. Per Item.
Reading Instructor Feedback Student review of instructor comments. Per Item.
Reviewing Weekly Learning Objectives Connecting weekly learning objectives to course material. Per Item.
Seat Time Student time spend in on-campus classroom. Per Week.