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  1. How to Access Your Course
  2. How to Get Help
  3. How to Read the Navigation Buttons
  4. How to edit Personal Information
  5. How to Create an Announcement
  6. How to Create and Send 'Email'
  7. How to Access the Email Response Policy
  8. How to Create a 'My Grades' Button
  9. How to Create Your Faculty Profile
  10. How to Build Content (Overview)
  11. How to Create a Content Folder or Item
  12. How to Use the Text Editor
  13. How to Create a URL or Internal Course Link
  14. How to Create a Practice Quiz or Test
  15. How to Create a Discussion Board Button
  16. How to Create a Discussion Thread
  17. How to Post a Reply in a Discussion
  18. How to Use the Performance Dashboard
  19. How to Read Your Class Roster
  20. How to Make your Course Available
  21. How to Use the Course Copy Feature
  22. How to View the Grade Center
  23. How to Create a Grade Center Column
  24. How to Sequence Grade Center Columns
  25. How to Enter/Change a Grade
  26. How to clear a Grade Attempt
  27. How to Export & Archive Blackboard Courses
  1. How to Import a Test Bank into BB
  2. How to Create an Assignment
  3. How to Download Assignments
  4. How to Create a Survey
  5. How to Read Survey Results
  6. How to Create and Access a Group
  7. How to Create a Blog
  8. How to Create a Wiki
  9. How to Create a Chat Room
  10. How to Manage Files
  11. How to use Journals
  12. How to Grade a Discussion Forum
  13. How to Create a Student Group Discussion Board
  14. How to Use the Link Checker
  15. How to Manage Course Reports
  16. How to Create a Glossary
  17. How to Create and Deploy Rubrics
  18. How to Manage Course Tools
  19. How to create a Calculated Column Average Column
  20. How to create a Calculated Column Min/Max Column
  21. How to create a Calculated Column Total Column
  22. How to create a Calculated Column Weighted Column
  23. How to manage Grading Periods
  24. How to manage Grading Color Codes
  25. How to manage Categories
  26. How to manage Row Visibility
  27. How to view Grade History
  28. How to use Filters
  29. How to Download Data from the Grade Center into Excel
  30. How to use the Options in the Column Drop-down Menus
  31. How to send email from Grade Center
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