Course Evaluations Q & A

At the end of each course you are required to complete a
Course Evaluation.

    Will filling out an evaluation affect my grade?
      Course evaluations have no impact on your grade whatsoever. Instructors do not get to view any of the results until after final grades are submitted and they have no way to associate your responses with individuals. Completing the evaluation is expected as a regular part of course activities; they are also your one opportunity to have a voice and an impact on the quality of education at Frederick Community College. Just like you, instructors cannot learn and improve unless they get feedback about how they are teaching.
    Are course evaluations really anonymous?
      Frederick Community College takes the confidentiality of course evaluations very serious. The College is using a Blackboard-integrated software package called EvaluationKit.  When a student completes the course evaluation their responses are automatically disassociated from the student’s name and ID, i.e. the instructor or anyone else, for that matter, will not be able to connect the content of responses to student names or ID. However, in order to send reminders only to students who have not responded by a certain date, the EvaluationKit keeps track of who has not opened the course evaluation form at that date. In addition, evaluation reports are not made available until after the official College deadline by which final grades for all courses must have been submitted.
    Are course evaluations secure?
      Yes! First of all course evaluations are administered with a software package called EvaluationKit that is Blackboard-integrated and works behind the Blackboard password protection. In addition, once a student has completed the evaluation, the student cannot access the evaluation form again as it is unique to a particular class section.
    What if I need to stop before I have finished the evaluation for a course?
      Once you start the evaluation you have to complete it and you will not be able to re- open that evaluation form. In case of power failure or any emergency interruption before clicking the “Submit” button contact the Center for Distributed Learning ([email protected]) for a re-set.
    Why should I complete an online course evaluation?
      Course evaluations are one of the primary means of providing teaching feedback to instructors. Your professors are seeking feedback on their courses because they want to make them better the next time around. As an institution, Frederick Community College is keenly interested in finding ways to improve the quality of student learning. We can't do that without your feedback and comments.
    Does anyone really look at and think about what we write?
      YES! The instructors at Frederick Community College value what students say in the course evaluations, so the more specific and constructive your feedback, the more likely the professor will pay attention to your comments. Your feedback can lead faculty to revise teaching methods, change textbooks, revise assignments, and make other changes to help you learn.
    What if I have two instructors in my course?
      You will give feedback to both instructors in the same course evaluation. When you open the course evaluation form each of the questions will appear twice, once for each instructor. You will need to allow for more time to complete the evaluation.
    How long does an evaluation take to complete?
      We have found that on average, students take about 10 minutes to complete the evaluation form for a course. Your time may be less or more, depending on how many comments you make or how long your comments are, or how much time you take to reflect on your answers.
    How do I log in to online course evaluations?
      You will receive email notification about different log-in options and the date when the course evaluation period will begin.