Learning Online

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Searching for information online, downloading pictures online or looking for a favorite restaurant on your cell phone has become so common that "Learning Online" does not seem like a special case. Yes, Learning Online uses many of the search and download skills that we use every day, but in order to learn online in a college, there are additional requirements, skills, and strategies needed to be successful. First, it’s good to know what we mean when we talk about Learning Online at FCC.

Learning Online at FCC occurs in four course environments

  • Online Courses: Courses where the majority, if not all, of the course is delivered online. This means that you may never meet your professors in person, but you will interact with them and your classmates in online discussions and groups, as you work together through the course content and activities. Any required on-campus meetings are clearly stated in the schedule of classes, and they are usually just a proctored exam which you take in an approved testing facility.
  • Hybrid Courses: Blended courses where about half of the content, participation, and learning activities are delivered online and about half delivered face-to-face in on-campus, required meetings with your professor and classmates.
  • On-Campus Courses: These courses are what many see as traditional college courses where faculty and students meet together on a regular basis with most, if not all, of the course delivered in-person. On-campus courses use online technology in varying degrees, so students should expect to spend at least some time online; at a minimum the end-of-course evaluations are completed in the online environment.
  • Not-for-Credit Courses: Continuing Education and Workforce Development online learning offers affordable and convenient education, professional development and job training opportunities throughout the year. Expert instruction and in-depth course content is available in day and evening formats to provide the optimal learning experience.