Calculating Student Time on Task


  1. Enter your email address in the field provided.
  2. Check Type and Length of Course.
  3. Select and check-mark the list item(s) you want to include in your calculation
  4. Consider the Research Estimate** for each item. Is it appropriate for your course?
  5. In the column 'Instructor Adjusted Minutes' fill in the number that is right for your course.
  6. In the column 'Number of Occurrences' fill in the number of instances or weeks or pages.
  7. Make sure that the Total Minutes are displayed for each item.
  8. Scroll down to view the Grand Total
  9. Submit the Form (You will be sending your entries to the email address you provided)

    **Over the span of a three-year research project, more than 400 hundred students, across different disciplines and delivery modalities, reported how much time they invested in a variety of assignments, exams and projects. In addition, rubrics from eight other colleges and universities were reviewed and compared with research from FCC. Ultimately an average time-on-task estimate (per occurrence) was determined for 19 different task areas. This tool was designed to assist faculty with planning their courses and comply with Federal Credit Hour guidelines.